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Specializing in building facilities designsince 1970, Soeng has provided engineering and consulting services for commercial and residential construction projects, as well as shopping malls, sport arenas, hotels and other commercial industries.
Soeng develops and designs electrical, plumbing and building automation installation plans Provides complete projects aiming lower costs, good performance, safe system operation, ease of maintenance and flexibility in modifications in case of future expansions.. Soeng uses best practices to meet national and international standards and to achieve quality results..
Seeking to meet or exceed customer expectations, special projects are developed with “Triple A” and “LEED” certifications and the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling)

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Located in the Pinheiros district of São Paulo, Brazil


Electrical Engineering
Residential, commercial and industrial
Medium and low voltage electrical installations
Distribution network;
Distribution substation;
Emergency or replacement power generation
Sustainability and green building designs and installations
Electrical protection systems;
Data processing center;
Telecommunications Infrastructure (Voice and Data)


Sanitary and Fire Protection Engineering
Residential, commercial and industrial plumbing
Fire-Protectioninstallation system
Wastewater reuse network
Sustainability and green building designs and installations
Compressed air, gas and steam;
Drainage and irrigation

Building Automation Engineering
Building Systems Supervision and Control
Fire Alarm and Detection Systems
Access Control Systems
Closed-circuit Television Systems
Security and Alarm Systems

Building Installation Consulting Services
Consulting services provided in Soeng’s areas of expertise

Projects tailored for your needs

Projects tailored for your needs