Building facilities projects

São Paulo, SP - Brazil


Commercial Buildings

Projects of complete hydraulic and electrical installations in BIM were developed.

The models developed were used by coordination to verify interference with other installations.

The detailing has been so richly developed allowing for generation of bill of materials and details of facilities.

Shopping Malls

Modeling of complete electrical and hydraulic installations in BIM.

The components (families) were created to serve the project, from pipelines, boxes of passages, panels, transformers, generators, fire equipment and several others.

The modeling allowed a detailed study of the facilities before the execution, promoting economy and reduction of time.


Complete modeling of electrical and hydraulic installations.

Shafts of shared hydraulic installations with ventilation ducts in reduced space were possible with the study and detailing in three-dimensional modeling.

Large hydraulic pipelines were made feasible and compatibilized during the development of the models.