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São Paulo, SP - Brazil


Commercial Buildings

Soeng has vast knowledge in project installation and automation for commercial buildings. This type of building is very complex  and its projects are designed with focus on optimization, efficiency, safety and cost.

Shopping Malls

​Soeng specializes in shopping mall projects and provides complete electrical, plumbing  and building automation installations that complement the mall’s architecture.


​Soeng specializes in hotel .....


With numerous projects for industrial plant facilities, Soeng designs and develops custom projects for a wide range of industrial markets and industries.

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings demand special attention and projects that fit within the individual scope of each building. Soeng looks to optimize the each space through the appropriate specification of building systems and equipment.


Institutional buildings: schools, libraries, convention centers.

Specialized projects: Hospitals, Bank Branches, Sports Complexes and Arenas, Flats, Data Centers.

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HANGAR - Centro de Convenções

Localização: Belém - PA Projeto Arquitetônico: Paulo Chaves Fernandes Realização: Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Pará Área: 8.500 m²